Team of Experts

We put our heads together to increase your business success!

Barbara Baratie

Barbara Baratie is the enthusiastic networker who assembles the expertise of the different consultants for your business.

She studied business economics and social education (German diploma) and knows how to get in touch with people, how to connect them and how to reach them emotionally. As coach for innovation, team and personal development, she makes use of successful communication strategies and she inspires her team to perform on top levels.

Barbara Baratie is member of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Duisburg as well as member of its Committee for Innovation and Research.

As managing director of the „unternehmerinnen forum niederrhein“ (association of businesswomen in the Lower Rhine region) she interconnects the know-how of more than 100 companies in the Lower Rhine region.

Dr. Albert Thienel

Dr. Albert Thienel is one of the most well-known German consultants, and coaches, in the fields of leadership and organizational development. He advises mid-size as well as DAX-listed companies as they implement processes of leadership, change and innovation. He has practical leadership experience from a stint as managing director of a brand-name company and, at Kienbaum Management Consultants, as director of the divisions of change management and management development. An expert of lean leadership, he has worked with the Toyota Formula One team.

A Team-Management-System™ Master of team leadership and team development, he has coached managers in terms of how they perceive their own team preferences and those of other team members. Dr. Thienel conducted assessments that determined managers’ personal strengths as well as the developmental potential of their team leadership skills. Concerning aspects to do with personal development, he mostly coaches ‘on the job’ to accompany practical progress and, in addition, to figure as a sparring partner when it comes to tackling more substantial leadership challenges. Thus, he has coached managing directors and high-level leaders at such companies as L´Oréal Germany und Volvo Trucks Central Europe. Dr. Thienel also trained as an Innovation Practitioner for the Management of Finding Ideas and Innovation. A graduate of the Business Modell Canvas™ Masterclass taught by Alex Osterwalder, he knows how to develop innovative business models that enable companies to gain new customers and markets.

Michael Rixen

Michael Rixen is the expert for all HR and communication matters. The qualified psychologist (German diploma) provides more than 15 years of practical and theoretical experience in the field of personnel development and employee management. He has worked as head of personnel development in the retail sector and as HR manager in media business. His latest book is about time management for executives. Michael Rixen also trains staff for Metro Cash&Carry Gemany and SAP Germany.

Benno von Aerssen

Benno van Aerssen is our expert for innovation coaching, ideation and innovation culture. Many business awards characterise his creative and initiative work, e.g. the “Internationaler Deutscher Trainerpreis”, the Oscar in the field of business training, which he won for his Innovation Coach training concept.

In 2009, he published his first business book about revolutionary innovation management. Since 2013, “Innovation digging” tells companies how bundled creativity and the systematic generation of ideas brings them to the top. His latest book “Inspiration on the job”, published 2015, provides inspiring ideas for a creative work-innovation-balance.

Besides being a creative coach, Benno is Team Management Master ® and Masterclass Member of the Business-Modell-Canvas ® according to Alexander Osterwald. With his considerable experience and his broad methodological expertise, he knows how visions will become successful companies of the future.

Haniel, Vallourec, Mannesmann-Salzgitter Forschung GmbH, WILO, METRO, RWE, A1 in Austria, Hornbach and the Volkswagen group in Berlin benefit from his expertise.

Christian Buchholz

Christian Buchholz has been international management trainer, speaker and management consultant for more than 15 years. He is known as expert in the fields of leadership, innovation and change. As innovation coach, he uses effective management tools and a business culture of understanding and trust to develop the powers of your company.

Christian Buchholz won the “Internationaler Deutscher Trainerpreis“ award of the BDTV twice, and in 2014 his work was awarded with the LIFO®-at-it’s-Best-Award of the LIFO® society. Christian Buchholz has worked in 14 different countries, various business sectors and in many medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. Being member of the German Speakers Association and the Global Speaker Federation, he also inspires his audience with his speeches.

Barbara Reinshagen

Barbara Reinshagen is our specialist for human resource development and modern forms of organisation in human resource management. The lawyer specialised in labour law had a leading position in the personnel department of Deutsche Bank AG for many years. In her trainings, you will experience the subjects of operational and strategic personnel work in a very practical and understandable way. Banks and insurance companies as well as medium-sized companies appreciate her work very much.

Lucy Kayes

Lucy Kayes supports you to increase your performance.

Being native speaker, NLP trainer and systemic coach, she will guide you to improve your communication skills and personal behaviour, so you can easily come to a good rapport with your conversation partners. With more than ten years of training and coaching experience in international companies, she knows that acting self-confidentially is important to increase your performance systematically.

This is the best basis to convince superiors, colleagues and customers of your ideas: in changing organisations, in leadership responsibilities, in heterogeneous and international teams, in German and English. “It is the personal performance, which leads to better results”, says Lucy Kayes.

Recently, one of her coaching clients – R&D manager of an international group – gave the following feedback: “We set up new goals and achieved them step by step. Thus, I gained much clarity, both professionally and personally.” With more than ten years of training and coaching experience in international companies, Lucy Kayes knows that acting self-confidentially is important to increase your performance systematically. For many years, Miele has relied on her skills.

Werner Möstl

Werner Möstl is our guarantor for your sales success. As a sales expert, he supports your staff in developing their full potential and optimises your sales processes. His keys to success are customer-oriented thinking and acting, excellent communication leading to customer loyalty, honest relationship management as well as clearly structured sales processes. Being systemic coach, NLP expert and sales specialist he knows businesspersons live on what they sell. Medium-sized companies from the wholesale, industrial, service and logistics sector as well as DATEV and Siemens benefit from his know-how.

Gunnar Marx

Gunnar Marx is an expert for customer relationships. He assists you to create and manage your processes with more regard to the perspective of your clients. During the past 25 years, Gunnar has been working in all key positions of sales. As Salesman, Key Account Manager and Sales Director he became familiar with corporate and SME structures in various sectors. As an experienced process consultant, he is able to capture new customer situations systematically and with great empathy. Thus, you gain more clarity for your current situation and possible solutions right from the beginning. Gunnar likes to pass on his experience and knowledge in his speeches, trainings and consultations. In these events, he makes sure to get in touch with all participants and he supports their interconnections, as he knows: The right contact provides the energy you need. His attitude is characterized by the credo "Sale with Soul". As products and services are apparently becoming more substitutive, the way we handle our business relationships is crucial. To gain the best ideas for this purpose, Gunnar loves to do endurance sports.

Sebastian James Hawkins

Sebastian James Hawkins is an expert in all matters relating to international negotiation in sales and purchasing. He is aware of the strategies employed by successful tacticians and skilfully applies the factors that are decisive for successful negotiation.

Intercultural competence is an integral part of international cooperation – both on a personal and a team level. Sebastian Hawkins is not only familiar with the barriers but he also knows how to overcome them with confidence.

A graduate in international business management born in the United Kingdom, he has many years of experience in an executive position (with power of attorney) in the field of sales and marketing. He also has many years of training and coaching experience in the field of international cooperation and negotiation. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Puma and Knauf Gips number among the companies engaging his expert negotiation services and benefiting from his knowledge and talent in the international market.

Melanie Kohl

Melanie Kohl is mental coach, consultant and speaker focused on health and performance management. She develops integrated concepts to prevent stress and burnout at work and supports companies with tailor-made ideas for corporate health management. Her consults, trainings, keynotes and coachings lead companies as well as experts and management to practical measures which reduce absences from work and increase performance and motivation. Her objective is to motivate companies for a new way of thinking related to a new working culture and a healthy career which guarantees more performance and more success for all participants. In April 2015 she was nominated as “Vorbildunternehmerin in Gold”. At the University of Economy and Management she teaches Economic Psychology for students of International Business Administration.